Why Famous The World, Converts To Islam.

  See :: Jews, Christians, foreigners, and celebrities of the world, converts to Islam. 

Some of the names of celebrities who have declared their Islam

 Yusuf Estes - Ingrid Mattson - Malcolm X - Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens)- Nicolas Onelka - Franck Ribéry - Bizzy Bone - Bernard Hopkins - Ghostface Killah - Qneen Nor Of Fordan - Yvonne Ridley - Muhammed Ali - Art Blakey -  Fermaine Fackson - Silma Hmam - Philippe troussier - Eric Abidal - David Chappelle - Mike Tyson - Régis Fayette Mikano - Everlast - .

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5:) Yusuf Islam - The Beauty of Islam (Cat Stevens).

6:) Michael Jackson converts to Islam.


7:) Heavy Metal Punk Musician Convert to Islam!. 

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9:)A Australian girl tell her emotional story why she converted to Islam : New.

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11:) Broadcaster insulted the Prophet, died immediately!.

12:) Priest tries to evangelize Muslims, two children Look at how it responds‎.

13:) A group of foreigners converted to Islam.

  14:) Islam Story of an American rap singer, a friend 2Pac

 What's Islam ? Islam in Brief - Yusuf Estes

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