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The Quran. 

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What is the Qur'an?


 What is the Quran?

Miracle of Allah and Final Testament to Humankind.

   The Qur'an (al القرآن qourān, "read") is the most sacred book of Muslims. This is the first book known to have been written in Arabic, which he helped to set [ref. needed]. Muslims consider the word of God transmitted to Muhammad. Being illiterate, they are some of the companions scholars such Zaid ibn Thabit, who have written the verses of the Qur'an As revelations What would Muhammad. These verses were written on sheets, pieces of leather, In sum, any media on which the scribes could write verses that Muhammad dictait25, 26.

The Quran, the last revealed word of God, is the primary source of every Muslim’s faith and practice.  It deals with all the subjects which concern human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, transactions, law, Miracles,And events from the beginning of the universe to its end, etc..., but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures.  At the same time, it provides guidelines and detailed teachings for a just society, proper human conduct, and an equitable economic system.

The Quran represents the fountainhead of Divine guidance for every Muslim. Its revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his practical implementation of the revelation, completed God’s blessing for humanity, in providing us with a belief and value system that is valid for all times.

The Quran confirms the revelations given to earlier Prophets, though these might not be accessible to us, in the form they were originally revealed. The most sublime language and a rational message that directly appeals to the human heart have caused this Divine book to move nations and civilizations. It will continue to guide those who turn to God with a sincere heart, for all times.

Most Muslims have great respect for the Qur'an and make ablution, that is to say, as a wash for prayers before reading it. ,

The Quran is divided into one hundred and fourteen chapters called suras, of varying lengths. These chapters are themselves composed of verses called ayat (plural of Arabic ayah, "evidence", "revelation"). The order of suras and verses as we know it was dictated by Muhammad.

Most stores at least a portion of the Qur'an in its original language, Arabic. This part corresponds to the verses needed to daily prayers. Those who have memorized the entire Quran are known as Hafiz. There are several translations of the Quran from Arabic into other languages. Some Muslims believe that the Qur'an exists only in its original Arabic and translations are of human origin are imperfect and fallible and because of characteristics polysemous itself untranslatable Arabic, and finally because the content was inspired just in that language. They therefore consider translations as comments or interpretations of its meaning, not as the Qur'an itself. Many modern versions have the Arabic text on one page and the translation on the page facing it. , but the explanation and clarification of the book in any language other than Arabic or Arabic (so to understand the text original) are permitted if done by someone not including the words according to the language, but according to the rules of religion.

It is Qur'an which transformed the simple shepherds and wandering Bedouins of Arabia into the founders of empires, the builders of cities, the collectors of libraries. If a system of religious teachings is evaluated by the changes which it introduces into the way of life, the customs and beliefs of its follower, then Qur'an as a code of life is second to none.

Tip: To know the power of the Quran, and to make sure that it is not the words of a human being, listen only to the Quran and your eyes closed, and your brain free of ideas, as if you are trying to feel what is happening inside your body,
Here you will know the truth of falsehood.

And to be more sure read the entire Koran in your language and understanding its meanings to short the knowledge of the truth.

Do not hesitate to explore the Holy Quran, And this is web : Holy Quran

 The Quran

Miracle ISLAMIC : Verses of Quran on a Russian Baby.

Hadiths & Riyad Us-Saliheen.

What is Hadith?
The Hadith is the record of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad. The sayings and conduct of Prophet Muhammad constitute the Sunnah.

The Hadith has come to supplement the Holy Qur’an as a source of the Islamic religious law. The Hadith is the second pillar after the Qur’an upon which every Muslim rests his faith. Hadith consists of Mat'n and Isnad. Mat'n means the text of the Hadith, while Isnad means the chain of transmitters to that Hadith.

The book was compiled by Imam An-Nawawi who was the great scholar of Hadith and Fiqh of his time. Commentaries on the Ahadith have been added by Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf of Pakistan who had originally executed them for the Urdu edition of this book. The English translation of the book and the - commentaries was performed by Dr. Muhammad Amin and Abu Usamah Al-Arabi bin Razduq who have performed their task with utmost care and profound interest.

An extremely popular and useful compilation of authentic hadith. Covering every aspect of Islamic belief and moral conduct, it selects approximately 2000 hadith from the six major collections: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, An-Nisai and Ibn Majah. It serves as an excellent hadith primer and daily reader. Wide range of topics: sincerity of purpose, spending in the way of Allah, rules of fasting, seeking knowledge, attending funerals and safeguarding the Quran and talk of all things and human life. Arabic text as well as English translation are presented here in this handsome hardcover two volume set.

Riyadh us Saliheen comprises of about 2000 ahadiths in 372 Chapters and 19 Sections: The Book of Good Manners - The Book about the Etiquette of Eating - The Book of Dress -The Book of the Etiquette of Sleeping, Lying and Sitting, etc.- The book of Greetings - The Book of Visiting the Sick - The Book of Etiquette of Traveling - The Book of Virtues - The Book of I'tikaf - The Book of Hajj - The Book of Jihad - The Book of Knowledge - The Book of Praise and Gratitude to Allah - The Book of Supplicating Allah to Exalt the Mention of Allah's Messenger (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) - The Book of the Remembrance of Allah - The Book of Du'a (Supplications) - The Book of the Prohibited Actions - The Book of Miscellaneous Ahadith of Significant values - and The Book of Forgiveness.           

Hadith Compilation