Who is God ?

Who is GOD ?? 

And how is his greatness, his qualities, his ability ??

In the name of God the Merciful :

Allah says in the Quran: { I created the jinn and mankind just for worship Me}, the scientists said, that "just for worship Me" are "only to unite and know", then we need to know before worship God, Because God is worshiped with knowledge.

{Who is God, His Greatness, His qualities, His ability} 
God is the one who created all things, it was not something which is before anything, 
God had nothing with him, the Almighty is the first before the creation of everything, Is the last after all.

God does not need one of his creation, because it Samad, has everything, the creator of everything, - has livelihood everything, the owner of everything, his controlled Everything, Messier everything, do not move without his permission nor stillness. 

Allah has beautiful names and sublime attributes, and the creature unlike the names and attributes of the Almighty, if God the Creator, without God's creature, God Raziq and without Marzouk, God is rich and without poor, Allah is great, and without a small, God is strong and without him weak, God is the owner and without it owned. 

The Prophet Muhammad Messenger of Allah bless him Said : Five words, he said: "The Almighty God does not sleep and should not sleep, lowers the premium and bump up, lifted him work the night before the work day and work the day before the work of the night. 

God has a perfect, nor incapable of anything: not the disappearance from the skies sky, not the ground to the ground, not the sea is in its bottom, not a mountain in its rugged kindest, and most merciful, "God is gracious than the mother to her son
" the Almighty is the Lord of lords, and reasoned reasons, He knows mountain weights, His Know the number of leaves of trees, and the number of grains of sand, and the number of drops of rain Almighty knows, and knows what number it darker the night and the day shone upon. 

God nearby, not far, God: creator, optimizer, overall, the principle of the blessings before Her entitlement. 

Almighty create the heavens without pillars, and the extension of the sea on the ground froze, Creating humans and counting number, And the difference of livelihood and didn't forget anyone.

      Almighty God waits but does not neglect, and the Almighty has the ability to perform, has the absolute Almighty for forgiveness, and absolute pardon, and the Almighty has absolute compassion, and tender absolute. 

God Almighty has Sura has come on all aspects of his greatness and unification and approval in worship, 

Allah Said In The Holy Quran (Surat Al-Ikhlas):

In the name of God the Merciful 
"He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."